Structured Chaos

Structured Chaos is an idea by Hideshi Hamaguchi that people are the most creative when they are in the middle of “structured” and “chaos.”

He says that keeping the structured chaos mode is one of the rules to break the bias we have.
Your brain has two modes, a very structured mode, and a very chaotic mode. A lot of people think that chaos makes them creative but actually it is not true. The sweet spot is in the middle of structured and chaotic and he calls the spot “structured chaos.”

To keep structured chaos, there are two ways.
1. Go back and forth
At first think freely, and after think along with some structures. It increases the possibility to hit the spot.

2. Control the media
Bad diagrams and doodling help you keep your brain in the structured chaos mode.

See more detail in his talk.
Break the bias: Hideshi Hamaguchi at TEDxPortland 2012