Ideas to Draw “Delicious” – tips for creating illustrated food journals.

Here are some ideas to capture delicious food experience with visual note-taking.
-Favorite Foods. Illustrate ingredients, taste, knowledge(search on Google or hear from the chef!), and how much you like about.
-Special Meals, such as cuisines you ate during travel, lunch box at a picnic, and birthday cakes.
-Funny memories at the table. Write something said by people who you ate with, or something happened at the time.
-Recipes. Visualized steps of cooking are more understandable than written with only texts.
-Recommendation. Recommend healthy snacks, good foods for breakfast, etc.
-Cafe or restaurants. Share your favorite places where they serve good foods and have good atmosphere.

When you create a food diary, include some of these perspectives. It reminds you of fantastic memories again and again.

Oh, by the way, I recommend you to take photos of the food and restaurant. You should savor it before it gets cold, and then start drawing. Enjoying the food is the most important to draw it look tasty.

The monthly topic for October 2019 is “Delicious!” Create visual notes about delicious food and share them on Voynetch.