Physical Tools for Visual Note-taking and Recording

Here are tools to create visual notes and recording physically 📒✏️🖋🖍

-Paper, Notebook or Sketchbook
Choose one based on your purpose.

-Bold and Fine Black pens
You need two sizes to write headlines and body text.
Of course, you can select other colors, such as navy blue and brown.

Save your work by taking a photo.

Use if necessary:
-Color Pens, or Brushes and Paints
You can express the focus and order of information more visually, and describe what you see in detail.

-Pencil & Eraser or Frixion Pen
Use them if you need to make a draft.
You can erase the frixion ink by an eraser for the pen or a hair dryer, as well.

-Correction Tape or Label Sticker
Correction tape can fix small areas, but the surface of the tape has difficulty in writing.
You can cut or tear label stickers to fit the correction area.

-Easel or Craft Tape
When you graphic recording in front of an audience, display the paper on an easel or hang it on the wall with tapes.

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Spread your favorite tools using this chance 😘