Ideas to Draw “2019”

Here are some ideas to draw how 2019 was for you.

-The important news
Illustrate a big topic in your everyday life, in your work, or in your country.

-The first experience for you.
What did you do for the first time this year? Visualize your surprise and impression!

-The funniest experience for you.
What did you enjoy the most? Doodle the comical situation!

Describe changes which occurred to you, for example, a job, the place you live, or your thought about something.
This may be helpful for you to sort out your mind.

-Things you have done.
You can create a list of your activities, too.

-A new habit you built.
Why did you start it? How do you keep it? The information must be helpful to everyone!

-Wrap up of this year.
What word is the best to represent your 2019? Place the word in the center and put some additional information.

The monthly topic for this December is “2019!”
Share your experience in 2019 with visual notes & recordings.