2019 Year End Wrap Up of Voynetch

This is 2019 Year End Wrap Up of Voynetch!

-The first year for us.
We started a year ago. Now there are about 1200 users, and 100 of them posted on Voynetch.
A few people sign up everyday. We greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

-Visual notes written in a language we haven’t learned are like ancient documents.
We read them with Google translate, and google the detail about the keywords such as the name of an event. It’s a bit hard work but fun!

-Ideas grow and wither everyday.
Even if an idea looks great to grow the service, we quickly find it is not appropriate or is very difficult to develop.
(It reminds me of the footsteps of the Great Forest Spirit in Princess Mononoke.)

-Find and fix holes in our bucket.
-We are looking for the way you visit and post on the service again.
-We are considering what we put resources into.
The most important issue for now is users don’t visit and post on Voynetch again. There may be something bad. So we change features or add new ones based on our hypothesis and research.

-We can’t grasp English.
English is not our mother tongue, so we don’t know how to write easy-to-read sentences and how to choose attractive words. Everyday we google the difference between synonyms.

-We want to be a place & a tool for you who love visuals.
We are continually pursuing the goal. If you have an idea, please tell us immediately!

The monthly topic for this December is “2019!”
Share your experience of 2019 on Voynetch.