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Pictionary is a simple drawing game.
It was originally created as a board game by Robert Angel and Gary Everson, where each team moves a piece on the board by guessing what a team member is drawing.
You can play with family, friends, or colleagues, since people at the almost all ages can enjoy this game.

Here we introduce a way to play without the board!
-Divide the members into two teams. (Each team needs at least two people)
-Pick up a word randomly and a member draws it. The other members guess what is being drawn in a given time.
-Each team takes turns.
-The winner is the team that got more correct answers.

This is a word generator for Pictionary for free.

According to the internet search, people seem to play it with their own rules, so customize it to suit your members.

-Use a big board or sketch pad. Anything is fine as long as it is large enough for all players to see the drawing. You can also use an iPad and a monitor.

-Use a bold pen. Bold pens let the drawer draw bigger than thin pens do.

-Start with easy words, such as the name of everyday things; for example, chocolate chip cookie, gift, or polish.