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Drawing Word Chain

Word chain is a word game where players come up with words that begin with the letter that the previous word ended with. Drawing word chain is its variation where players do it with only drawing.
For example, if the previous player drew an apple, you draw a picture of something whose name begins with “e” such as “e-mail.”

There are some rules to make this game exciting.
-Don’t explain with words.
You don’t add some description with words nor tell what you drew verbally.

-Guess what the previous player drew.
Even if you have no idea what the previous picture means, guess it and draw your picture based on your idea.

-After finishing the game, look back on it together.
Maybe there are some errors… A player drew “yogurt” but the next player thought it is “ice cream” and he drew a “melon.” But the errors are the beauty of this game!