Diagram of Simple Usability Testing

This is a diagram of simple usability testing for an application on a laptop.
To run testing, you have to bring three kinds of people; a moderator, a recorder, and participants.

The moderator proceeds with testing. They sit down near the participant and talk with them.

The recorder writes down how the participant behaves and operates and what they say. They sit down behind the participant to look at the screen of the application.

The participants use the application. You should find ones who match conditions of users of your application. It is said that you need at least five participants to find problems appropriately. However, you can learn a lot of things from one participant. I recommend doing testing even if you can bring only a few people.

Items you should prepare are these;
-Scenarios. You have to decide what tasks to test and their order, how the moderator talks. You make a story based on these and print it on a paper. The moderator can use the document as a memo pad to write down during testing.
-Camcorder and Voice Recorder. I recommend preparing multiple ways to record.
-Laptop or notebook for the recorder.
-Laptop to work the application to be tested.
-Snacks. Participants may not focus on the testing because they are hungry.