Heat Pump Servicing in Wellington

Heat Pump Servicing
It’s so important that your heat pump is regularly serviced.


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When I say regularly, I mean minimum once a year. After every install I will show how and when you should clean your filters. If you live near salt water you should give your outdoor unit a good wipe down. It’s like anything, if you look after it, you’ll have it for a very long time.


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To service your heat pump at least once a year costs from $115. Just think of us as Heat Pump Doctors! I want to make sure that after all the tests and cleans I do, your heat pump will continue to run as efficiently and cost effectively as it did the first time it was installed.


You’ll run your heat pump much more efficiently when your filters are clean! Here’s a link to a video on how to clean your heat pump.

New Builds
Give us some plans and we will either help plan your electrical layout or wire accordingly. From telephones to CCTV, to power and lights. Add an alarm system; we install the Elite or Crow series at very reasonable prices. New builds begin with organising a builders temporary power supply. We can organise and install for you. We’ve wired many houses in the Churton Park and Aotea subdivisions, passing our experience and discounts onto our customers.