Healthy Homes Requirement in Northland

We specialize in all healthy homes in Northland at cheap cost. Find out more about the detailed insulation services for your required, please talk to our local Pilkingtoninsulation expert in Auckland area.

Uninsulated floors have a thermal resistance of R0.6, which can be improved to R1.6 or R1.8 with a Warmafloor insulation blanket system correctly fixed against the floor, between the floor joists (in most buildings with a continuous sub-floor perimeter wall). It also reduces floor draughts through flooring gaps between uncovered timber polished floors. Warmafloor underfloor insulation blanket is unaffected by humidity or water. Even if it is wetted, its thermal insulation resistance will be completely restored, when dried.

It only takes a winter spent in an old house to convince anyone of the benefits of living in a healthy home. Cold, draughty, and more often than not full of dust mites and even toxic substances such as asbestos or toxic mould, they epitomise the worst of historical building practices.

It is no secret that New Zealand’s pre-2000 housing stock is generally considered to be of a poor standard. Since 1998, a large body of work has gone into identifying the causes and looking for remedies. In 1998, the National Health Committee released a benchmark report which identified the impact poor housing had on the health of many New Zealanders, in particular overcrowding and the contribution cold houses made to respiratory-related hospital admissions.

Blown in Jet Stream MAX insulation NZ is packed in weather tight white plastic bags. The total installed thermal roofing insulation effectiveness of Jet Stream MAX is superior to batting or blanket, as it covers the full ceiling – including over and under timber joists – without joints, gaps, thermal bridging, or vented cavities commonly found between linings and batting or blanket insulation. It provides premier insulation values.

Blowing insulation in walls represents one of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home and save money. In most New Zealand houses there is a gap between your interior walls and extior. We simply drill a small hole in your exterior wall to blow the insulation in and then fill this after so you’d never know.
A blown-in system is a process to install insulation. It’s extremely quick and pumps the insulation into spaces to ensure that they’re well filled at the right density to work at the optimum performance