Ideas for Visual Notes

Here are some tags that give you inspirations to draw visual notes.

Monthly Topic

Monthly Topic is a keyword updated every month.

November 2019

This month's topic is "2019."
How was 2019 for you? Share your experience with visual notes & recordings!

What to Draw?

December has already come! Time really flies, doesn't it?
At the end of the year, look back 2019 through creating visual notes & recordings. What experience left a deep impression on you? What change occurred to you?

Here are some ideas to capture this year;

  • The important news in your everyday life, in your work, or in your country.
  • The first experience for you.
  • The funniest experience for you.
  • Changes which occurred to you, for example, a job, the place you live, or your thought about something.
  • Things you have done.
  • A new habit you built.
  • Wrap up of this year.

Poplular Topics on Voynetch

These are some popular topics that people often draw.


Draw the knowledge or tips about self improvement.

  • The Seinfeld Strategy
  • Procrastinat...
  • Your Mood in the Morning
  • Discipline Equals Freedom 1


Sketch and summarize the knowledge of animals, birds, plants, rocks, etc.

  • Aquila chrysaetos canadensis - Golden Eagle / Aguila Real / 金雕
  • Plum blossoms and Cherry blossom
  • Bealearica regulorum - Grey Crowned Crane - Grulla Coronada


Share your tips or ideas about working, business, productivity, etc.

  • No.1
  • Diagram of an AR App Developer
  • 6 Rules to Simplify Work
  • How to beat the Hippo effect


Describe and share your favorite recipes.

  • Stir-fried Hechima
  • How to Make Indian Home-Style Curry Base
  • Gnarly Peanut Chicken
  • Mothership Sunday Roast Lamb


Explain the ways to be mindfulness.

  • Mind full vs Mindful
  • Meditation on Listening for Mindfulness
  • In Praise of Wasting Time
  • Meditation on Breath for Mindfulness