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Drawing games are very fun and helpful for practice or ice breaking.
Share your favorite one!

What is Drawing Game?

Here are some examples of drawing games.

  • Pictionary
    A player guesses what another player is drawing.
  • Exquisite Corpse
    A group of people creates a picture together without knowing what the others draw.
  • Blind Contour Drawing
    A player draws outlines without seeing the paper.
  • Google "Quick, Draw"
    A player draws various things in a short time to tell the AI what is drawn.
  • Roll the Dice Drawing Game
    A player draws a picture with randomly selected elements.

Of course, there may be games you customized or created new!

What to Draw?

This is some information you'd better include to illustrate the game clearly.

  • How to proceed with the game?
  • What tools are necessary? Pen, paper, and anything else?
  • The desirable number of players.
  • How long it takes for a play.
  • Advice to make the game exciting.

Posts About DrawingGame

  • Google ”Quick, Draw!” is a good tool to practice drawing

Poplular Topics on Voynetch

These are some popular topics that people often draw.


Draw the knowledge or tips about self improvement.

  • The Seinfeld Strategy
  • Procrastinat...
  • Your Mood in the Morning
  • Discipline Equals Freedom 1


Sketch and summarize the knowledge of animals, birds, plants, rocks, etc.

  • Aquila chrysaetos canadensis - Golden Eagle / Aguila Real / 金雕
  • Plum blossoms and Cherry blossom
  • Bealearica regulorum - Grey Crowned Crane - Grulla Coronada


Share your tips or ideas about working, business, productivity, etc.

  • No.1
  • Diagram of an AR App Developer
  • 6 Rules to Simplify Work
  • How to beat the Hippo effect


Describe and share your favorite recipes.

  • Stir-fried Hechima
  • How to Make Indian Home-Style Curry Base
  • Gnarly Peanut Chicken
  • Mothership Sunday Roast Lamb


Explain the ways to be mindfulness.

  • Mind full vs Mindful
  • Meditation on Listening for Mindfulness
  • In Praise of Wasting Time
  • Meditation on Breath for Mindfulness