Ideas for Visual Notes

Here are some tags that give you inspirations to draw visual notes.

Monthly Topic

Monthly Topic is a keyword updated every month.

August 2019

This month's topic is "Travel."
Let's draw visual notes about travel!

What to Draw?

You can draw "Travel" from many different perspectives, for example...

  • A journey map
  • A summary of the city or place
  • Things you found while traveling
  • Food diary
  • Your favorite tools or tips for travel
  • Layouts of the hotel room
  • Souvenirs

Posts About Travel


August Sketchnote Prompts by Nichole Carter

Nichole Carter, who is the author of "Sketchnoting in the Classroom," created a monthly challenge for August.
The topic is updated every other day.

Let's join her!

Schedule of The Challenge

1,2 Which household chores do you like to do and which do you try to avoid? 3,4 Sketchnote the Sketchnote Army podcast with Austin Kleon 5,6	What makes a good teacher? 7,8 What are 10 of your strengths? 9,10 What are the best qualities to have in a friend? 11,12 How are you like your father and how are you like your mother? (A venn diagram would be awesome to try here!) 13,14 If you could volunteer your time at a charity what would it be and why? 15,16 What are your favorite kinds of books to read? 17,18 Pick 3 of your favorite quotes and sketch them. (Practice containers and fonts on this one!)	19,20 What are some of your favorite summer activities? 21,22 Sketchnote America Ferrera's TED talk 23,24 In what ways are you generous? 25,26 What are your favorite clothes to wear and why? (This will be a good one to practice drawing clothes icons) 27,28 What are some of the first ten things you would do if you were elected president? 29,31 Sketchnote the New York Times Video about Where All the Bob Ross Paintings Went

Poplular Topics on Voynetch

These are some popular topics that people often draw.


Draw the knowledge or tips about self improvement.



Sketch and summarize the knowledge of animals, birds, plants, rocks, etc.



Share your tips or ideas about working, business, productivity, etc.



Describe and share your favorite recipes.



Explain the ways to be mindfulness.