Ideas for Visual Notes

Here are some tags that give you inspirations to draw visual notes.

Monthly Topic

Monthly Topic is a keyword updated every month.

October 2019

This month's topic is "Delicious."
Let's capture delicious foods with visual notes!

What to Draw?

You can draw "Delicious" from many different perspectives, for example...

  • Illustrations of your favorite food. Describe the ingredients, how it tastes, and how much you like about.
  • Special meals, such as cuisines you ate during travel, lunch box at a picnic, and birthday cakes.
  • Funny memories you experienced at the table.
  • Your favorite recipes.
  • Reccomendation of healthy foods.
  • Your favorite restaurants or cafe.

Posts About Delicious

  • Awesome memories
  • Colors for Drawing Food
  • Brown sugar milk tea
  • Cafe au lait bowl & chia seed pudding

Poplular Topics on Voynetch

These are some popular topics that people often draw.


Draw the knowledge or tips about self improvement.

  • The Seinfeld Strategy
  • Procrastinat...
  • Your Mood in the Morning
  • Discipline Equals Freedom 1


Sketch and summarize the knowledge of animals, birds, plants, rocks, etc.

  • Aquila chrysaetos canadensis - Golden Eagle / Aguila Real / 金雕
  • Plum blossoms and Cherry blossom
  • Bealearica regulorum - Grey Crowned Crane - Grulla Coronada


Share your tips or ideas about working, business, productivity, etc.

  • No.1
  • Diagram of an AR App Developer
  • 6 Rules to Simplify Work
  • How to beat the Hippo effect


Describe and share your favorite recipes.

  • Stir-fried Hechima
  • How to Make Indian Home-Style Curry Base
  • Gnarly Peanut Chicken
  • Mothership Sunday Roast Lamb


Explain the ways to be mindfulness.

  • Mind full vs Mindful
  • Meditation on Listening for Mindfulness
  • In Praise of Wasting Time
  • Meditation on Breath for Mindfulness